September 23, 2023

Audi Motorsports Quiz

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Audi Motorsports Quiz

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Audi Motorsport! This quiz is designed to test your knowledge about Audi’s rich history and remarkable achievements in motorsports. From legendary victories at Le Mans to pioneering all-wheel-drive technology, this quiz will challenge your expertise on Audi’s journey through various racing series. Get ready to rev up your understanding of Audi’s triumphs on the track and uncover the stories behind their iconic moments in motorsport history. Let’s dive in and explore the fast-paced realm of Audi’s racing legacy!

Audi Motorsports Quiz Questions

1/ In which year did Audi make its debut in the World Rally Championship (WRC)?

  • a) 1978
  • b) 1981
  • c) 1982
  • d) 1885

2/ What is the name of Audi’s successful all-wheel-drive system that played a significant role in its motorsports achievements?

  • a) Quattro
  • b) TurboDrive
  • c) PowerGrip
  • d) X-Drive

3/ Audi achieved its first victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in what year?

  • a) 1998
  • b) 2000
  • c) 2002
  • d) 2004

4/ Which legendary Danish driver was associated with Audi during their dominance in the Le Mans 24 Hours races?

  • a) Casper Elgaard
  • b) Philip Andersen
  • c) Allan Simonsen
  • d) Tom Kristensen

5/ Audi won the 2013 DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) championship with which driver?

  • a) René Rast
  • b) Bruno Spengler
  • c) Mike Rockenfeller
  • d) Timo Scheider

6/ Audi won their first DTM championship with which driver in 2002?

  • a) Laurent Aïello
  • b) Mattias Ekström
  • c) Bernd Schneider
  • d) Timo Scheider

7/ What is the name of the Audi sports prototype that competed in the American Le Mans Series and the European Le Mans Series?

  • a) Audi R10
  • b) Audi R8
  • c) Audi RS6
  • d) Audi A3 Quattro

8/ Audi’s motorsport division, responsible for its racing programs, is known by what name?

  • a) Audi Racing
  • b) Audi Competition
  • c) Audi Motorsport
  • d) Audi Speedworks

9/ In 2020, Audi announced its departure from which high-profile motorsport series to focus on Formula E?

  • a) Formula 1
  • b) World Rally Championship (WRC)
  • c) World Endurance Championship (WEC) or Le Mans Prototype (LMP1) category
  • d) DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters)

10/ Audi clinched its first victory in the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) in which year?

  • a) 2014
  • b) 2016
  • c) 2018
  • d) 2020

Correct Answers

  • 1/ – b) 1981
  • 2/ – a) Quattro
  • 3/ – b) 2000
  • 4/ – d) Tom Kristensen
  • 5/ – c) Mike Rockenfeller
  • 6/ – a) Laurent Aïello
  • 7/ – b) Audi R8
  • 8/ – c) Audi Motorsport
  • 9/ – d) DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters)
  • 10/ – b) 2016

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on completing the Audi Motorsport quiz! You’ve delved into the world of roaring engines, high-speed corners, and Audi’s unforgettable triumphs on the race track. From their iconic Quattro system to dominating the Le Mans 24 Hours, you’ve explored the marque’s remarkable journey in motorsports. If you’re hungry for more sports-related challenges, why not try our Formula 1 quiz to test your knowledge of the pinnacle of motorsport? Or venture into the realm of team sports with some cricket and football quizzes, where you can showcase your expertise on the pitch. Keep quizzing and keep discovering the fascinating narratives that unfold across various sports!

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